We are the World leaders in filmmaker discovery

Dynamic Briefing™ analyses over 1.3m filmmakers to match the right one to every production brief, in seconds

From over a million filmmakers to the perfect one, every time

Using advanced crawling and AI technologies we have searched high and wide to identify the World’s best filmmakers

Every filmmaker has been analysed for their video engagement, client relationships and awards won
Using Dynamic Briefing™, advanced video search or search by category, it’s easy to find the right filmmaker fast
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As well as being the first and only platform for discovering and fully validating filmmakers Worldwide, we also have in-house video production experience of over 30 years

We’ll make any film for you using Dynamic Briefing™ to find the right filmmakers. Handling the whole process - SEAMLESSLY - to delivery

  • Shortlist Filmmakers using Dynamic Briefing™
  • Get Treatments
  • Select Filmmaker
  • Make Film
  • Manage Film Assets
  • Handle Clearances
  • Make Payments
  • Deliver Film
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Discovery of the World's best talent hasn't been possible until now.
Our team of experts bring the very best filmmaker talent to you
at the touch of a few buttons


We spent over a year collecting, collating and analysing the best filmmakers so you don’t have to.

Now, through access to our Dashboard you can discover, contact and work with the best, in each category.

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Filmmakers video engagement, client work and awards help to build a filmmakers profile.

Only we understand and showcase that data for over 220,000 filmmakers, live.

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From discovery to treatments, asset management to payments.

Our systems are set up to make each process, simple, effective and World beating.

Asset Management

From model and property releases to music clearance, our systems take care of the whole process for you.

Creating a seamless end to end solution, every time.


All films are delivered on time and on budget.

No more worries about who’s taking care of what, we handle the whole process.

Discover. Produce. Deliver

The Curation Zone Team

Russell Glenister
Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur and investor in the tech and content space, Russell has invested in and helped build some of the most successful companies in the field. He has considerable interest in the video sector with four companies in his current portfolio active in the area. He started out as an Art Director at Tony Stone Images, which became Getty Images, later built then sold image100 to Bill Gates.

Hasan Murat Akinci

Hasan leads all things tech, has extensive implementation knowledge and management experience of artificial intelligence, human behaviour modelling, machine learning, NLP and emotion recognition projects.

Heather Deacon
Head of Production

Heather is a creative solutions director with six years experience connecting brands, publishers and agencies to creative talent through intelligent, community-driven platforms. She is a champion for diverse filmmaking and enjoys discovering fresh talent for her clients.

Daniel Lannon
Head of Marketing

Daniel Lannon has run multi-million dollar campaigns for major brands, helped sell over 1 million in tickets at Live Nation, built social followings into the millions, and seen through multiple global and national campaigns for Samsung TV, Rdio, Ford Models, Entercom, Justin Timberlake, Intel and more. He's been responsible for crafting brand stories featured on Buzzfeed, Business Insider, NowThis, Wired, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Interview Mag, V Man, and loves a creative challenge.

Cihan Yilmaz
UI & UX Design Lead

With his 10+ years of professional experience in digital agencies and corporate companies, Cihan leads all UI & UX design work at Curation Zone. He brings our ideas into visual life with his systematic design approach and keen attention to details.

Nick Streatfield
Head of Community

After more than seven years working in recruiting and developing filmmakers around the world, and with at least five years of experience as a video editor himself, Nick is well qualified to understand and look after the interests of the global filmmaking community.

Dinko Vasilev
Data Science Lead

Dinko is a data scientist with a background in statistics and programming. The bulk of his work for the past few years has consisted of machine learning projects, but also some statistics. He enjoys the process of searching for the signal in piles of data, refining it, and putting it to use.

Maria Dotsenko
Data Services Lead

What Maria does not know about collection, aggregation and distribution of data is not worth knowing. An experienced data processor who heads up a dedicated and enthusiastic team of data managers, without whom our ML systems could not function.

Rodion Popov
Data Tech Lead

With his exceptional knowledge and experience in software development, Rodion is an expert in designing and the implementation of distributed data processing architectures and pipelines.

Andrey Taranik
Cloud Tech Lead

Andrey has many years experience in architecting and optimizing cloud infrastructure, managing large-scale processing, deployment and all underlying systems through high-performance, highly available and cost effective infrastructure solutions.

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