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Ad Agencies: are you afraid you might be using the same freelance talent on a major pitch as a rival? If not, you should be.

Ad Agencies: are you afraid you might be using the same freelance talent on a major pitch as a rival? If not, you should be.

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Toward a New Mind-Machine Partnership for Creative Talent Search, Discovery and Validation

Creative teams find themselves up against an evolving set of challenges which require a new mindset. The increasing pace of the creative industry has meant that teams need to work not just faster but smarter. Change is ever present. New platforms emerge and evolve and time frames are ever more fluid. As a result, creative teams need embrace the multi-layered nature of every project all while maintaining a commitment to quality.

When finding the best creative talent, the three things that matter are: curation, curation, curation

Having spent over 20 years traveling the world putting together video and photo shoots, I have for some time been perplexed by the lack of cohesive data available to anyone looking to hire creative talent. It's no wonder that brands and agencies seem to play it so safe.

Curation Zone Streamlines Creative Talent Discovery for Agencies and Brands

From the producer, brand and agency perspective, Curation Zone is providing a one-stop discovery shop to find the best possible talent from across many of the industry leading platforms; including Behance, Vimeo, Le Book, The Dots, IMVDB, Dribbble, Talent Manager, AdForum, Mandy and seven other creative talent source platforms - with more to be added soon.

Le Book 'em, Danno

On the 9th August we'll open our doors to our SaaS offering that will make it as easy as possible for brands and agencies to discover freelance creative talent by searching multiple source platforms in one - we currently analyse creative talent from 15 of the world's best creative source platforms.

AdForum, Best Ads on TV, Ads of World, David Reviews: Ad gold or coal mine?

2020 was a bad year for the Advertising industry and a bad year for some of the source platforms that follow their fortunes. All four of AdForum, Best Ads on TV, Ads of the World and David Reviews rely on Advertisers to post their Advertising content, with associated credits, onto their sites.

Behance: Creative talent discovery platform - Beguiling or bewitching?

When Behance was launched 15 years ago, it would have been a "new kind of product" that ticked most, if not all of those boxes above, but after all those years of being out in the sun, wrinkles are starting to show....

Unsplash: Jackson Pollock's or random splashes of creation?

I'm Russell Glenister, founder and CEO of Curation Zone, who algorithmically analyse the world’s top freelance creative talent sources, digitally curating THE BEST OPTIONS into a frictionless, RANKED searchable index...